Professional Pet Spritzer with CoQ10

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Professional Pet Spritzer with CoQ10

OSoGood® Pet Spritzer is the easy alternative to shampooing. Targets areas affected by itching, skin irritation and hot spots. Will not adversely affect your pet if licked off. Can also be used as part of your daily grooming regime. Ideal for deodorising and detangling with no need to wash pet before use or rinse off.

OSoGood® Pet Spritzer is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and contains an anti-oxidant that protects cells in your pet’s skin.

Co-Q10 has a fundamental role in cellular bioenergetics and is an important anti-oxidant. Many science journals outline the importance and benefits of Co-Q10 including: –

Cell Regeneration (Including healing damaged skin), Anti-oxidisation which prevents cell damage, Contributes to healthy normal circulation, Promotes optimal immune function, Supports the healthy presence of oxygen in tissues.

OSoGood® Pet Spritzer is effective against 4 of the 6 categories identified by vets as being the most common causes of skin and coat abnormalities. Environmental, parasitic, infections and allergic conditions. The other two are internal issues that require vet treatment. Regular use will help maintain healthy skin and coat as well as being gentle enough to be used on a daily basis if required.

Suitable for all coat types and colours. It deodorises with no artificial fragrances. It acts as a de-tangler making grooming easier. OSoGood® has been compared in a trail with Malaseb® the gold standard veterinary treatment for skin conditions “The trial indicated that OSoGood® spritzer did in fact produce a significant improvement in the clinical conditions tested against” – R Weston BVMS MRCVS

Not a treatment for severe or chronic conditions and should not be used in place of a prescription drug. If in doubt consult your vet.

Not for resale by unorthorised parties